Daily route, $$$

Lower down this page you’ll find our daily route, distance and expenditure. You’re probably thinking about cycling some of our route if you’re reading this page. First, a bit about our approach.

About our route
– When we get our technology working as intended, we’ll post a link to, and image of, our route. In Holland we used a great site to plan our route and export GPS data. This site offers route options like low traffic, nature, shortest, marked cycle paths etc. In Germany we use

– We upload GPS data to the Trails app where we can drop it on a map with a topographic layer and a cycle routes layer. We navigate from Trails and, when we sort it, will also record and post to Maymyride or similar. Great idea but Trails is unstable and clunky and since we put a SIM card in our iPad it appears to be demanding internet access when navigating and recording, which it didn’t before. We’ll try MotionX next.
– We carry paper cycle route maps too and much prefer to use these when practicable.
– Influences on our route, in order, are: general safety (countries not famed for house-sized, unrestrained or rabid dogs, thieving gypsies, dangerous roads etc); relaxing cycling (cycle paths or exceptionally quiet roads, terrain avoiding hills, ready access to campsites or Warmshowers (happy to wild camp where formal accom is unavailable)); wow factor (attractive landscape and villages, sights).
About costs
– WS indicates we stayed with a WarmShower host, where we contributed wine and other goodies to the dining table. Other than this optional cost, such accommodation is free.
– Generally we self cater, often weakening to the call of a cafe for morning coffee.
– Maybe 50% of days we have a beer or bottle of wine in the evening.

Daily distances and costs
Day 1 Julianadorp to Bobeldijk nr Hoorn 61km (should have been 45km); €29 WarmShower (WS)
D2 Bobeldijk to Zunderdorp nr Amsterdam 41km via LF21; €52
D3 Off bike in Amsterdam; Shane’s birthday; €252 you’ve got to live a little 🙂
D4 Zunderdorp to Almere Haven 40km €76
D5 Almere Haven to Voorthuizen via Nijkerk 47km €91 (mothers day lunch)
D6 Voorthuizen to Ede 22km €28 WS
D7 Ede to Gassel via Wageningen, Winssen, Grave 61km €61 WS
D8 in Gassel, 20km recreational, €73 (spares for bike) WS
D9 to Broekhuizenvorst 48km, €36 WS
D10 to Ophoven 62km, €25 WS
D11 in Ophoven €192 (on wet weather gear and mud guards!) + €16 WS
D12 to Maastricht 49km €25 WS
D13 in Maastrict €59 WS
D14 to Aachen 36km €79 (including SIMs for Germany E35) WS
D15 to Monschau 66km (bit of a detour!) €112 (youth hostel)
D16 – 18 in Monschau (youth hostel, bike service, bike shoes) €320
D19 to Gemund 32km €79 (youth hostel)
D20 in Gemund €84
D21 to Schweinheim 45km €45
D22 to Bad Godesburg 30km €25 WS
D23 Phantasialand €162 (Tom contributed $100) + €10
D24 to Koblenz 61km €59
D25 in Koblenz €39
D26 to Saint Goar 41km €69
D27 to Saulheim 70km €23 (friend)
D28 in Saulheim €114 (inc €71 books)
D29 in Saulheim €8
D30 in Saulheim €159 (inc train tickets Offenburg)
D31 in Saulheim €28 (inc €18 post to UK)
D32 to Friesenheim 25km €55
D33 to Marckolsheim 70km €40 WS
D34 to Selestat 18km €26
D35 to Kaysersberg 33km €57
D36 in Kaysersberg 16km €47
D37 to Neuf Brisach 53km €148 (inc €73 SIMS)
D38 to Mulhouse 53km €68
D39 to Montbeliard 54km €80 (hotel)
D40 to L’Isle sur le Doubs 30km €104 (inc €32 tyre)
D41 to Besancon 69km €12
D42 in Besancon €103 WS (inc Citadel)
D43 to Ranchot 40km €70
D44 to Dole 24km €35 WS
D45 to St Jean de Losne 25km €83
D46 to Verdun-sur-le-Doubs 50km
D47 in Verdun €52
D48 in Verdun €45
D49 in Verdun €58 (Inc fishing rod and tackle)
D50 to Chalon sur Saone 28km €99
D51 to Cormatin 48km 40
D52 in Cormatin 77
D53 in Cormatin 41
D54 to Macon 47km 31 WS
D55 to Vergisson 12km 473 (including 365 to replace chains and chainrings and 58 on bike stuff at Decathlon) WS
D56 in Vergisson (Solutre) 56 WS
D57 to Cormatin via Aze 42km 67
D58 in Cormatin 45
D59 in Cormatin 83
D60 in Cormatin 174 (88 for Tom’s birthday Acrogivry)
D61 in Cormatin 50
D62 to Charolles 40km 92
D63 to Digoin 27km 60
D64 to Dompierre-sur-Besbre 36km 51
D65 to St Pourcain-sur-Sioule 60km 57
D66 in St P-s-S 56
D67 in St P-s-S (Tour de France!) 118 (inc Tom’s BMC clothes)
D68 in St P-s-S 40
D69 to Deux Chaises 29km 60
D70 to St Plaisir 35km 32 WS
D71 in St Plaisir 34 WS
D72 to La Guetin 47km 100
D73 to La Charite sur Loire 82
D74 in La C-s-L €18
D75 in C-s-L €81
D76 in C-s-L €18
D77 in C-s-L €162 (inc haircuts, tire, mail, Decathlon)
D88 to Sancerre 24km €77
D89 in Sancerre €37
D90 to Bonny sur Loire 48km €55
D91 to Gien 28km €41
D92 in Gien €88
D93 to Sully sur Loire 29km €50
D94 in Sully €135 (helmet, glasses)
D95 in Sully €49
D96 to Chateauneuf sure Loire 32km €65
D97 to Orleans 38km €82
D98 in Orleans €59
D99 to La Fuerte St Aubin 30km €97 (inc tires)
D100 in La Fuerte €57
D101 to Beaugency 34km (+14 looking for skateboard!) €44
D102 in Beaugency €32
D103 to Muides sur Loire 12km €95
D104 in Muides sur Loire €80 (16km to Chambord return)
D105 to Blois 20km €51
D106 to Amboise 50km €48
D107 to Montlouis sur Loire 14km €60
D108 Tours return trip 26km €303 (inc helmet, mirror etc)
D109 to Azay-le-Rideau 52km €41
D110 to Chinon 35km €34 (WS)
D111 to Montsoreau 26km €131 (inc Rosie ticket to Paris)
D112 in Montsoreau €38
D113 to Thouars 63km €101 (menu fixe)
D114 to Airvault 33km €47
D115 to Parthenay 26km €101 (menu fixe)
D116 to Magné 64km €111 (buffet dinner)
D117 in Magné €80
D118 to Marans 57km €62
D119 to Chatelillon Plage 44km €155 (cabin)
D120 to Marennes La Plage 65km €109 (inc helmet etc)
D121 to La Palmyre 44km €45
D122 in La Palmyre €93 (inc zoo)
D123 to L’Amelie Plage 35km €75 (inc iPad SIM)
D124 to Carcans Plage 59km €62
D125 to Lacanau 25km €54
D126 to Bordeaux 55km €74
D127 in Bordeaux €56
D128 in Bordeaux €156 (cabin)
D129 in Bordeaux €164 (cabin, Decathlon)
D130 to Créon 35km €139 (hotel)
D131 in Créon €99 (hotel)


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