About us

Shane O’Brien, a residential architect, works with the luxuries in life and likes to take them into the wild too. He can always be relied upon to pull out a good bottle of red or the finest sourdough from the bottom of his pack. He spends his spare time hatching plans for the next great adventure with his wife Helen. An eternal optimist, Shane survived an almost fatal car crash 20 years ago (and ski-ed Kiandra to Kosciuszko just one year later). This positive outlook on life makes any grand plan have dangerous potential to become reality.

Helen Jeffs adventured through more than 30 countries before settling in Australia and settling with the progeny of Irish convicts. She’s used her organisational skills, leadership and tenacity as a management consultant but more importantly to plan all sorts of great adventures: 4000m+ peaks in the Atlas, Alps and Himalayan mountain ranges; a 1500km fundraising cycle across the central Australia (3 & 5 year old kids in tow); a 1000km pedal through France on a 4 person tandem with her family. Helen’s media trained and a very occasionally published writer and photographer.

Rosie O’Brien was on top of Mt Kosciuszko at three months, solo-ed her first mountain at three years and won her first bike race aged five. She’s crossed the central Australian desert and the Kimberley, trekked 16 days in the Himalaya and pedaled a tandem along the Victorian rail trail and 1000km across France. She’s inherited her Dad’s joyous attitude and her Mum’s penchant for ideas and is always up for a late night party.

Tom O’Brien’s first big adventure was climbing up to an iron-age fort on a wet winter’s day in Wales, age 2. It wasn’t without tears, but he loved the photo of him at the top. His 4th birthday was in the central Australian desert on a supported mountain bike adventure. He’s been on all the same adventures as his sister, climbing to 3550m in Nepal where he was told he’s a stronger walker than Nepali 8 year old boys! At home, he loves computers, technology and facts.


1 Response to About us

  1. Dreyer Roland says:

    Je suis le correspondant du journal l’Alsace que vous avez croisé dimanche matin 9 juin à Marckolsheim, chez la famille Blondé. J’ai visité votre blog et j’espère que votre route se poursuit agréablement. Je vous envoie une photo sur votre adresse mail. Cordialement et bonne route.
    Roland Dreyer

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