The following list of equipment represents what we carried on the cycle tour leg of our trip. Total weight about 60 kg.

Load carrying equipment

BOB Yak trailer (32kg capacity)
Blackburn low-rider front racks and ‘hand-me-down’ Tioga panniers
Blackburn rear racks and Ortlieb panniers
‘Bread box’ sized insulated Deuter camera bag mounted on the rear rack
Ortlieb handlebar bag
Various tool bags located around the frame
8L Camelback (no bladder, too hard to keep clean)
Small collapsible cooler bag
3 bungee cords
North Face XL (80-100L?) kitbag (our four packed panniers fit into this waterproof and robust bag for flights and it serves as a seat, an overflow bag for groceries, etc – we strap it on top of BOB)
Various dry bags to separate gear for convenience and waterproofing

Bike gear

Leatherman ‘Wave’ tool – provides pliers/wire cutters, scissors, screw drivers and knives/saws
Bottom bracket eccentric hub tool
SS coupler wrench
Multi tool including chain breaker
4, 5 & 6 mm Allen tools
15mm spanner
10mm spanner
Adjustable spanner
10mm socket
Chain tension indicator
Cluster brush
Mechanical chain cleaner
Chain cleaner liquid
Cleaning cloths
Digital tyre pressure gauge
Hand pump
Pump adapters for soccer ball etc
Tube repair kit
Numerous large and small zip ties
Gaffa tape
500mm length of tyre tube (temporary tyre repair, protect frame etc)
Tyre (Schwalbe Marathon Plus)
2 x 26″ tubes
16″ tube for BOB
Plastic container of various size bolts/nuts/chain links/hook for BOB
Front light
Flashing rear light
5 reflective ankle ties
8 spare spokes
2 sets brake pads
4 plastic bags to cover the saddles overnight
4 750-1L water bottles (and how we wish we were carrying a thermos!)


Cheap mobile phone (we purchase prepaid SIM for each country)
iPhone (optional lightweight camera and occasional video and audio recording. Note, we chose to purchase cheap mobile phone in addition to iPhone as our iPhone is annoyingly locked to our service provider and we didn’t want to void our warranty by unlocking it).
iPad 4 & iPad 1 (again, we purchase prepaid SIM for each country, for only one iPad – we’re carrying two to home school our kids)
Nikon D-60 camera, Nikon 18-55mm lens, Sigma EX 10-20mm lens
Belkin Star audio splitter, mounted on the bike, and a set of headphones for each of us
Various chargers (Note: we mailed back our Nomad solar charger and batteries as we seem to have access to power most evenings, but we sometimes regret this and may get it sent back to us.)
European power adapter
SD card reader
Camera cleaning cloths and brush
Cloths and spray for sunglass cleaning
Long cable bike lock and combination padlock
Nifty Kathmandu ultralight 10L shoulder bag for grocery shopping – packs down to nothing
Sewing kit
4 badminton racquets and shuttlecocks!!!
Soccer ball
Pack of cards
2 card games
Yahtzee dice
3-4 home schooling books, various French language sheets, parent guidance material
Laundry bag
Sundry current maps (we post them home once used)
Waterproof map holder
Photocopy of insurance documents, passports, credit cards
Spare US/Australian currency
International drivers licence
Passport photos
2 A5 note books & pens for the kids
Spare lens prescription for Shane’s glasses
Two Thermarest foldable chair frames (Helen & Shane, luxury item :-))
Rosie’s knitting, to be superseded by other craft items no doubt
Two small teddies …

Spares kit

Mattress / tent repair kits
2 x 5m lengths twine
4 velcro straps
Clothes line and a few clothes pegs
Belkin audio system cable
Shoe lace
2-3 dry bags

Camping equipment

Sierra Designs Zeta 4 tent – a 4kg robust, spacious four person three season tent
Waterproof tarp for under tent floor
2 Exped 7 cm mattresses (for the adults – they’re super comfortable!)
2 Thermarest mattresses (the kids are yet to be upgraded to an Exped)
4 x 4 deg C sleeping bags
4 silk sleeping bag liners
4 headlamps
Trangia 25-2 UL stove – without kettle – infallible, robust, quiet, fuelled by methylated spirits
Mini Trangia 28-T stove – without pot – super light second stove
Fuel bottle 325ml
4 stackable plastic cups
4 Orikaso foldable plastic bowls (we tried the cups, nice idea but they leaked)
4 ‘sporks’ (combination spoon/fork)
Small kitchen knife
Small plastic chopping board
Foldable knife with cork screw – cork screw needed for French bottled wine 🙂
4-5 small plastic Nalgene bottles for oil, detergents (inc laundry), salt
2 tea towels
1-2 pot scrubbers
Plastic pepper grinder

Clothing / personal goods (per person)

Cycle gloves
Sun hat
Warm hat
Thermal top and pants
Medium weight fleece vest or sweater
3-4 shirts, mix long and short sleeve, mix bike and regular
2-3 pairs cycle nix
Pair leg warmers (arm warmers fit the kids’ legs!)
Travel pants with removable ‘legs’
3-5 pairs underwear
3 pairs short/cycling socks
1-2 pairs longer socks
Cycling shoes (except Tom, his Dunlop volleys suffice)
Lightweight running shoes
Rain jacket and pants, mix of plastic bags and waterproof shoe covers
Microfibre towel
8 litre dry bag for clothes
2 litre dry bag for underwear/socks
Money belt (adults)
2 Sports bras, 1 pair earrings and a lipstick (Helen!)

Bathroom – these items carried in various Kathmandu rectangular plastic zip cases

Shampoo & conditioner
Comb and hairbrush
Tooth brushes and paste
Nail clippers
Nail scissors
Pack baby wipes
Moisturiser (in small Nalgene container)
Soap in soap tray
Sun protective lip balm
Lip moisturiser SPF free
Sun cream
Couple of tampons/liners

First aid – if we hadn’t carried all this through Asia we would cycle with a much reduced kit and ‘buy as we go’ – but we spent a small fortune on this before we left for Asia.

Throat lozenges
Band aids
Strapping tape
Stretch bandage
Safety pins
Antiseptic wipes
Gauze swabs
Antibacterial soothing cream
Broad spectrum anti-fungal cream
Antibiotic cream
Antihistamine tablets
Antibiotics (left over from Asia – Cephalexin and Norfloxacin)
Water purifying tablets
Few sachets of electrolyte powder
Sundry adhesive waterproof dressings
Eye wash ‘cup’
Basic First Aid instruction booklet
Emergency contact numbers for each country
Cut-off foam roller for Helen’s ITB!


2 Responses to Equipment

  1. Hello

    We met you in a campsite near Chamborg and were inspired by your family, your adventure and your bike.

    We had a little mini adventure of our own at half term when we dusted off our old tandem, hired a second tandem and cycled with the kids from Bristol to Bath and Bradford on Avon and back over a long weekend. It was unexpectedly brilliant – despite the rain and the branches and trees strewn across the canal paths.

    We are planning to cycle in France next summer – your equipment list is great, thank you.

    Where are you now?

    Rachael, Colin, Dan and Rosie Watson

    • bike4four says:

      Hello! We’re so pleased to hear our list came in useful and that you had a ball cycling together. We are in the UK but sadly leaving next week. You’re so lucky to have Europe on your doorstep with all its cycle routes. Let us know if you come to Oz, and don’t forget to use to find home stays with other cycle tourists. It’s a wonderful, free system. You’ll find us on there, in Canberra. Farewell for now.

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