The last hoorah

Isabelle loves Toulouse. We didn’t. Maybe it was the tired red brick, maybe it was the homeless people in their tents alongside the canal, maybe it was Helen having a “must eat, NOW” day, or maybe its joys were simply overshadowed by the challenges of riding the bike through a city. It was pleasant enough, […]

Back on the bike

Our gorgeous Warmshower hosts Laurent and Gwén had garaged our bikes for ten days while we drove around Languedoc Roussillon, and welcomed us back for another night at their spick and span home. They were out at a birthday party so we cooked up in their kitchen and made ourselves at home. Using the inner […]

On y va

Grace was keen to experience cycling on the quad tandem, sharing a tent with best-buddy Rosie and experiencing life on-the-move. Leaving Bordeaux the weather started fine-ish and we were left a little uninspired by mansions located beside the muddy-banked tidal Garrone River. Moving away from the river things improved somewhat as we moved amongst infamous […]

Now we are five! In Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is magnificent! Locals tell us that until ten years ago Bordeaux was moche (a very fine onomatopaeic word for ugly). Well moche no more! A mayor dedicated himself to cleaning the place up and it’s now a diamond. Take Paris, remove the Tour Eifel, the dust, grime and rude people, add a majestic and […]

Atlantic to Bordeaux

Many Europeans have raved to us about the Atlantic coast from La Palmyre to Royan, but for us it was the stretch from Soulac-sur-Mer southwards to Lacanau which delivered. The beaches became less manicured, the bike paths quieter, each town more defined by its own character. The trail south from L’Amelie to Hourtin Plage was […]

Sand dunes and pine trees

You always have to be careful with alternative routes… We read on the Velodyssey site that the 1km bridge over the Seudre river was dangerous, with the cycle route narrow and separated from fast traffic only by some very low blocks. We also read about the alternative of taking the passenger boat over the Seudre […]

A new bike!

With Rosie’s friend Grace joining us in just one week (Rosie and Tom barely able to contain their excitement) we needed to free up a seat on the quad tandem and extend our tent/sleeping capacity. Although EV1 from La Rochelle to Rochefort was unimpressive, often running alongside the freeway, it rather conveniently spat us out […]

Le Thouet a velo continues

We’re under a bit of pressure to be in Bordeaux to meet Rosie’s friend Grace in 12 days. This changes things. Obliged to press on when we feel like resting, we have limited time for homeschool and our budget and appetites are getting out of hand as recovery food becomes a priority. It forces us […]