Now we are five! In Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is magnificent! Locals tell us that until ten years ago Bordeaux was moche (a very fine onomatopaeic word for ugly). Well moche no more! A mayor dedicated himself to cleaning the place up and it’s now a diamond. Take Paris, remove the Tour Eifel, the dust, grime and rude people, add a majestic and spacious riverfront et voila, Bordeaux.


Looking back the way we cycled into Bordeaux. What an approach!



We were lucky to be in town at the same time as eleven monumental sculptures by Jaume Plensa which took our breath away.


We loved the transparency of this one outside La Bourse.

Close up of the sculpture at La Bourse

Close up of the sculpture at La Bourse


We thought they looked made of liquid bubbles


Close up and transparent again


We picnicked close to these

Rosie and Helen took a TGV up to Paris to pick up Rosie’s friend Grace from the airport. It was a very functional trip with no sightseeing – not even a glimpse of Paris from the train window – although Grace and Rosie were excited to see the Eifel Tower in the very very very distance, from the hotel hallway.


Grace was introduced to Orangina on the train. Goats cheese and pastries were to follow.

So now we are five.


Shane and Tom relocated us to the very nice cabin behind and put on a Welcome Grace Party.

Staying at the Camping Village du Lac added greatly to our enjoyment of Bordeaux. Set around a cluster of lakes it feels a million miles from a big city yet it’s only 7km by bike to the city centre. Highly recommended.

No permission note for jet lag, we escorted Grace (via Decathlon, to stamp her “French” with own brand bike nix, water bottle and travel pants) to the heart of this great city. Grace, always aching for fame, inspired the kids to start waving at passing traffic and they are now counting the waves, toots and hollers with the goal of 300 for a celebration party. Anything to justify lollies!


Eglise Notre Dame


Cathedral de Saint André


Cathedral door being restored

By the end of the day, after a walk linking two churches, a cathedral and a basilica in temperatures soaring to the high 30s, we downed ice-creams and paddled in the inspired Le Miroir d’Eau before peddling ‘home’ for a swim.


Miroir d’Eau, Place de la Bourse


Look closely. No further caption required!

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One Response to Now we are five! In Bordeaux.

  1. Denise says:

    Wow, just done a marathon catch up. Mostly sounds wonderful…. And those tortuous days will make you smile in recollection :). Hope the foot improves quickly Rosie. Xxxx D.

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