Sand dunes and pine trees

You always have to be careful with alternative routes…

We read on the Velodyssey site that the 1km bridge over the Seudre river was dangerous, with the cycle route narrow and separated from fast traffic only by some very low blocks. We also read about the alternative of taking the passenger boat over the Seudre from La Cayenne to La Tremblade. And so we duly cycled 5km through utterly ugly oyster farms (a tourist attraction, we couldn’t believe it) down to the port … to find the boat wasn’t running today. So 5km back up through the utterly ugly oyster farms and we arrived on the bridge, dangerous as described, with nearly 15 unnecessary km already on the clock. Hrmphhh.


Bridge over the Seudre, leaving Marennes – less than 1m wide with cars screaming past. Not nice.


Oyster farms / mud flats, from the bridge. Not delightful!


Massive jellyfish got whoops of delight from the kids

Once we’d passed the very tacky tourist town of Ronce les Bains the cycle path improved and flowed through some very lovely forest behind sand dunes.


Look! That’s our little girl up front pedalling with panniers on the new bike!

There were hundreds of cyclists enjoying the trail, though notably few tourers (no panniers). Apparently 10 years ago France had almost no cycle paths; now they are everywhere and very heavily used. Everyone goes on holiday with bikes on the back of their car or campervan, great to see.


Our Rosie xxx


Next time I think we’ll tour with individual bikes?

A little before La Palmyre we climbed the sand dunes to see why hundreds of cars had parked alongside the bike path.


Late in the day and the beach was still packed with sun-seekers. This stretched for miles!


We were homesick for Australia … even though we don’t like the beaches.

Tom recently reached 300 stickers for great team work and good behaviour and chose La Palmyre Zoo for his reward. Lucky Mum got to accompany him. Tom will blog about his day out, but Helen needs to share the story of how she watched a young polar bear swimming and doing back flips in the water for half an hour. Staggeringly beautiful and right up there with the best moments in her life.

What can I say?

What can I say?



And here he (?) comes again for another backflip. Aren't we lucky?

And here he (?) comes again for another backflip. Aren’t we lucky?

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