Le Tour de France? By Rosie.

This blog by Rosie

Today we went to see Le Tour de France, but it wasn’t exactly how we thought it would be…

First of all it started with lots of tempting stalls that were selling bike clothes, helmets and loads of souvenirs.

In the morning we were invited to throw balloons up into the air

We had a bit of a look around, then we decided that we should go and get a good spot to watch le tour at the start of the race, even though it started in four hours.

Then i went to buy a BMC bike costume 🙂 with dad which cost me $80 out of my bank account :-0 Dad and I went back to where Mum and Tom were guarding our spot. Tom said to Dad and I that he wanted an outfit too, so dad went back with him to get another one. Of course Tom had to pay with his money as well.

So now that we were comfortable, we just watched what was going on around us, and then some activities started.

The caravan started to happen!

People were walking up and down the road giving free things away. There was somebody on a BMX doing lots of tricks. He grabbed different peoples cameras and took photos of himself and then gave them back. Next, the caravan started to happen and there were people in cars and on big floats. They were throwing things out to the crowds and you’d have be lucky to get things. We were really lucky and we got one mask, a wrist band, a bag of sausages and two hats.

After the caravan there was the highlight of the day; the start of le Tour de France!!! We could see all the riders going up on to the stage and signing their names to prove that they were riding on that day. Then the riders all got on their bikes.

Yellow jersey (Chris Froome) and White jersey (best young rider) lead the departure

The start was right in front of us! The riders all stopped at the start for fifteen minutes. Cadel Evans stopped really close to us and we were yelling out ‘Go Cadel!!!’ He heard us, then looked and smiled at us, then we got a wave from him 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! That was definitely the highlight of the day :-)!!!

Just before The Wave

Suddenly all of the cyclists zoomed off.

Heading off for Le Tour!

As Cadel left, he passed his cap to a little boy on the other side of the road, which we thought was really nice. I turned around to say something to Dad, then I looked back at Le Tour and all I could see was the back of some bike wheels.

The crowd was buying souvenirs from the big stands and Tom and I both bought BMC hats and I bought a pair of BMC gloves.

By now you’ve probably guessed we go for BMC!

We went back to the campsite. There is a park right out side it and lots of stands in it. There were a few cafes, lots of wine tasting and, of course, there were lots of stands selling bike Jerseys, bike knicks and MORE souvenirs. We got to sit down outside and watch Le Tour on a huge screen.

Altogether i think that the day was really exciting and incredible and it really inspired me to work with bike races when i grow up.

By Rosie 🙂 🙂 🙂


6 thoughts on “Le Tour de France? By Rosie.

  1. Sausages!!!! Fantastic blog Rosie, it sounds soooo exciting. Great pics and I love the one of you and Tom. But really….sausages??? They were throwing sausages??? Lol. Xx.

  2. Rosie…That is so cool…..CADEL EVANS!
    You and Tom both look so cute in that picture! 🙂

    I cant wait to go to France and see you all!
    I’m just SO excited.

    Lovely work on this Rosie 🙂
    Miss you all.

    Talk soon,
    Love Grace

  3. Like the photos ! You did much better than us Rosie, though we did catch 2 scarves printed with the words Allez, Allez and 2 yellow jersey hats! We only saw Cadel as he flashed by us at the back of the Pelaton in Comrey. Look forward to seeing you all on Monday ! David & Wendy.

    1. Unlucky that you didn’t see Cadel right up front. I can’t wait to see you in Paris tomorrow either 🙂 Are you going to watch Le Tour on Sunday, if you are we are all jealous about it :-)!!!

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