Into South Burgundy

I’m writing this because I’ve been banished from the fishing bridge. Don’t get me wrong – I quite like catching fish and I like eating fish – but the bit beforehand (all that waiting around) and the bit in between (hooks in mouths, death, stress) is difficult to handle. We’ve settled into a campsite in […]

The heat breaks in delightful Dole

In extraordinary heat and humidity, and with violent storms forecast for the afternoon, we made for an early escape from Besancon and a short day on the bike. The route continued to follow the River Doubs and parallel canals. Lunch and food-shopping required that we ducked off-route and unfortunately uphill into Saint Vit. We retraced […]

Hot and bothered, by Tom

This blog is by Tom. Unedited. The day before yesterday was 45 degrees Celsius! It was so hot, Tom was surprised we weren’t in a desert! 60 kilometers of struggling up hills, sweating our heads off, and having breaks every half hour- but it was worth it. In Besançon we had a Warmshower (or Hotshower) […]

We arrive at Eurovelo Route 6!

We’re having a rest day at a riverside campsite at L’Isle sur le Doubs; bike maintenance, washing, homeschool, blogging, eating…we need to build in more days like this. So what’s happened since we left the Alsace? Shane and Helen stole out once again for their morning coffee in Neuf Brisach. It’s a fabulous way to […]

Four days in outrageous Alsace

After another gruelling press conference đŸ™‚ we headed westward and upward toward the vineyards of the Alsace. First stop: a small museum on the Maginot Line. The Maginot Line, another built line of static defence, was built after WWI as things were heating up for WWII. The idea was for the French to hold off […]

Vive la France!

With floods closing much of the Rhein cycleway we braved the challenge of dismantling our bike and jumped on the train bound for Offenburg, around 260km south of Benno’s place. Benno accompanied us on the train from Saulheim to Mainz, where we had to change trains – a tricky maneuver carrying two half tandems, 25kg […]

First day on the Rhein Route

It had to happen at least once: a European theme park and a day for the kids. With rain forecast, and Tom prepared to empty his bank account for the cause, we donned waterproof pants and jackets and took public transport from Bad Godesburg to Phantasialand. Germans liken Phantasialand to Disneyland; it’s not a fair […]